Santa Home

The project is located in a suburban residential area near the seasidewith low-rise buildings. The plot was formerly used as a filling station, but its attractive features – good location and access, slightly sloping land facing south and the beautiful view of the sea, make it suitable for  residential building.

The plot has a triangular form and the building is situated on the widest part, pointing south, so the frontage of the building has a sea view. The garden comprises two areas – the northern one is used for parking and the southern as a recreational space for the residents with a pool and a roof with natural greenery on top of the underground garage.

The main concept of the building is to take maximum advantage of the sea view, so in all apartments large windows in the living area look out to the sea  and along the southern facade there are terraces with glass railings. The other facades, which face the streets and the neighboring buildings, have smaller windows. Careful thought has been given to the appearance of the apartments. The different functions of the rooms  (bedrooms, bathrooms and stairs) determine the different sizes of the windows. Thus, along with the pattern of the facade cladding, the use of different elements rotated  90° against each other, creates the distinctive appearance of the building. Materials used are HPL plates by Trespa and plaster.

Project: Santa Home
Date: 2011-2013
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Team: arch. Galina Baleva, arch. Martin Hristov