Complex Zdravets

The Developer’s intention was to build a complex of suburban residential units for young families who value the natural way of living, but at the same time do not want to deprive themselves of amenities. It is intended that some of the residential units are rented out. The assignment included 4 types of single-family houses, a farm for organic vegetables, a tennis court and a service building with a restaurant and an indoor pool. There was a special requirement for the most cost-effective vehicle access inside the plot and for providing an option for the restaurant to be open to non-residents.

We divided the plot into two – a residential and a public part. In the western part of the plot we situated all the family houses organized in 5 rows: thanks to to the  steepness of the slope, every house has been provided with a beautiful view of the valley and an almost private green area in front of its veranda.

An asphalt road along the northern and western boundaries provides access by car and serves both the housing and the bio-farm in the lowest part of the plot. This solution, besides being the most economically feasible, leads to turning the inner part of the complex into a car free zone which makes it safer, especially for children.

The eastern part of the plot was left entirely as a park. The reception and the restaurant are located at the highest level of the plot next to the road so they can be used by non-residents. Our idea was to turn the park into the core of the complex by creating numerous, nature-friendly activities so inhabitants could meet each other and spend time with their children. In the area furthest from the residential area we placed 5 barbecue shelters that can be rented out for private parties.

The children’s area is also in harmony with nature. A series of slides were integrated into the natural slope so the children are able to slide from the top level to the lowest one while being accompanied by their parents who could use the parallel stairs. A labyrinth of specially trimmed bushes and a shallow lake with waterfalls are also part of the children’s activities. A special  network of paths enables each point of the complex to be reached by bike or by mothers with baby strollers.

Project: Complex Zdravets
Date: 2013
Location: village of Zdravets - Varna
Team: arch.Galina Baleva, arch. Ina Dineva