Simeonovo 145

„Simeonovo 154” is a building complex which consists of two buildings with 11 apartments in total, as well as an underground parking that is connected to the street through a ramp. The complex is located in the foothills of Vitosha mountain. Despite having a picturesque scenery towards the city of Sofia it is also a part of this view when looked from higher up in the mountain. Therefore the architectural approach is highly focused on the design of the roofs, in order to create a united vision with the rest of the building, making it the fifth facade.

The material used for the facade is dark red clinker, as well as “Swisspearl” fibre cement cladding, which will be applied to the walls and to the pitched roofs. Unfortunately, the standart roof system suggested by “Swisspearl” had never been used in Bulgaria and it turned out to be impossible to find a party capable of doing it. This obstacle meant that a technical detail with well known building systems had to be applied, all of which in order to stick to the investor’s needs and uses of the complex, without changing the design. The aforementioned was provided by E- arch studio and completed by AKMI.

In order to achieve water tightness on the roof, a roofing polyurethane panel with a thickness of 120 mm is mounted on top of the reinforced concrete slab. Aluminium profiles are added on the ribs of the panel to support the exceptional “Swisspearl” fibre cement slabs. Some of their characteristics are the high level of fire resistance (A2-s1, d0), completely resistant to frost and totally recyclable. The drainage system is secured by aluminium gutters that are hidden in the fibre cement, surrounded by 2mm metal sheets, followed by PVC pipes.

Project: Simeonovo 145
Date: 2018
Location: Sofia
Team: arch. Galina Baleva, arch. Martin Hristov, arch Anastasia Valkanova