Multifunctional hall

Multifunctional hall

The new hall for cultural events in First language school, Varna is a project which began in 2013 on initiative of the school administration. During 2014 the school financed a project of the hall with its own funds, followed by the development of different options of its realization. Passing through a lot of efforts in searching for investors and programs and with the help of the active promotion of the idea, in 2019 the Varna Municipality included the project in its budget and completely funded the construction of the hall.

The hall provides a capacity of 379 seats with additional space for people with disabilities and areas for easy reach. The main entrance is through the main school building, in addition to two emergency exits with external stairs leading to the Western schoolyard. The stage is located on the southern side of the hall. It is a metal construction, covered by solid wood flooring at a height of 120 cm above the base level of the hall. Serving premises and dressing rooms can be found in the backstage area spread on two levels.

The opposite northern side of the hall is divided in 2 levels, with installation and storage rooms placed on the first, while the sound and light control room being on the second one. The northern second level is reachable through another independent staircase from the entrance lobby of the hall.
The hall represents a metal construction developed on an already existing semi-underground concrete body with storage premises.

The new hall is known for its remarkable acoustics , thanks to the specific shape of the facades and ceiling, the interior wooden cladding and full professional consultation with acoustic engineers. The long walls on both side facades are manufactured of metal bearing frames which are placed at an angle in order to achieve better acoustics and include natural light indoors without direct solar light reaching the stage.

The density of both indoor and outdoor cotton insulation gives high degree of noise insulation which allows the hall to be used while surrounding regular clasess are going on. Apart from acoustics, the shaping and colors used for the facades are fully compliant with the main building of the school in order to achieve integrity and unity.

Project: Multifunctional hall
Date: 2020
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Team: arch. Galina Baleva, arch. Martin Hristov